The story of the Israel-Cherezli family intertwines with the life of the Jews in Eretz Israel since the explosion of the Jews from Spain and the establishment of the State of Israel in 1948.


Many institutions and individuals have taken on themselves to document the Jewish plight and the history of the Jewish people. One aspect of this research is the trend to document places, events and relationships among the people, also known as genealogy. This page provides links to genealogy-related work done by others which is available on the Internet.





Jewish Genealogy


JewishGen, Inc. is the primary internet source connecting researchers of Jewish genealogy worldwide.  Its most popular components are the JewishGen Discussion Group, the JewishGen Family Finder (a database of 300,000 surnames and towns), the comprehensive directory of InfoFiles, ShtetLinks for over 200 communities, and a variety of databases such as the ShtetlSeeker and Jewish Records Indexing-PolandJewishGen's online Family Tree of the Jewish People contains data on over two million people

Jews of Egypt

International Associations of the Jews of Egypt

In 1948 subsequent to the Arab-Israeli War and wars in 1956, 1967, and 1973, Jews from Egypt had to leave and they settled in different countries, USA, Israel, England, France, Italy, Brazil, etc.   This site aims to document their immigration and their adaptation in the host countries, and to enable a collective history of the Egyptian Jewish community.

Founder and Editor : Victor D. Sanua, Ph.D


Egyptian Jewish Identities


Communitarians, Nationalisms, Nostalgias - A superb article by Joel Beinin about the Jews of Egypt as published in SEHR, volume 5, issue 1: Contested Polities
Updated 27 February 1996

Jews of Serres

The Jewish Community of Serres

The tale of the Jewish community in Serres for a period of 700 years from 1162 until March 4, 1943 when all the Jews were deported by the Nazis.

Sephardic Jewish

Foundation for the Advancement of Sephardic Studies and Culture

The most comprehensive site devoted to the heritage of the Sephardic Jews. For nearly 40 years the Foundation has been dedicated to preserving and promoting the complex and centuries-old culture of the Sephardic communities of Turkey, Greece, the Balkans, Europe and the U.S. Emigration, and the devastation of the Holocaust, have combined to weaken historic communities which had resisted assimilation, where Ladino, the Sephardic language, was used continuously and unique cultural traditions were practiced.

This site provides valuable Sephardic Oriented, Educational and Academic Papers, Articles and other Resources


Early Hebrew Newspapers in Eretz Israel

The aim of this site is to provide open access to images of the major titles of the early Hebrew press (19th and early 20th century). These newspapers contain a wealth of primary material on Diaspora and Land of Israel history of the period. Access to them has, until now, been limited to a small number of research libraries which held either the crumbling originals or microfilm copies. The first stage of the project, now completed, contains:

Halevanon (1863-1886) 770 issues, approx. 7,200 pages.
Hamagid (1856-1903) 2265 issues, approx. 19,500 pages.
Havazelet (1863-1911) 1857 issues, approx. 14,200 pages.
Hazefirah (1862-1931) 8,600 issues, approx. 42,000 pages.


Hebrew Date Converter

Converts Gregorian dates to Jewish Dates and vice versa


Behind the Name

The etymology and history of first names

Family Links

The Farhi Family

The site covers the Farhi families from the 12th century to today. Also shown are the genealogy trees of the families (ancestors and descendants) if any of their member married a Farhi woman.


Jacques Hassoun

Bibliography of Jacques Hassoun (1936-1999)