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עבור שיריזלי או שריזלי הקלד cherezli

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Family Tale

The Israel-Cherezli family traces its history back to 1807 when the head of the family, Rabbi Isaac Israel, son of Eliahou, and his two young children, Eliahou and Hayim-Moshe, migrated to Jerusalem from Serres (Sherez), a town north-east of Thesaloniki. In Jerusalem, he was nicknamed Israel-"Cherezli" (i.e. Israel from Sherez) in order to distinguish him from other Israel families. Rabbi Hayim-Moshe Israel-Cherezli (1803-1863) remained in Jerusalem and most of his descendants still live in Israel. Rabbi Eliahou Israel-Cherezli (1800-1866) was appointed Chief Rabbi of Cairo in 1846. His descendants remained in Egypt until the dispersion of the Egyptian Jewish community after 1948 cont.. (for text in Hebrew click here).

האם כל אלו ששם משפחתם שיריזלי או שריזלי אכן בני אותה משפחה? כנראה שכן, אך איננו יכולים לקבוע זאת בוודאות עד אשר יהיו בידנו ראיות מוכחות. עדיין ישנם אנשים שלגביהם חסרה לנו אינפורמציה. נשמח אם תוכלו לעזור. לפרטים אנא בידקו את רשימת החסרים.


All people with the surname Cherezli, Shirizli, Shirizly, Cherizli, Sherizly and similar spellings appear to descend from Rabbi Isaac Israel-Cherezli who migrated from Serres to Jerusalem in 1807. There are, however, a few mysteries - individuals who we have been unable to place on the family tree to date


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