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A Walk with Hana in Ohel Moshe Abramino Israel, Wife and son Mayer At least one living individual is linked to this item - Details withheld. Adina Cherezli, Daughter of Shelomo Israel Cherezli, next to her husband Elazr (Lazaro) Sasson as a young soldier Avraham nino Mejan married to Aliza Cherezli daughter of Shayish Avraham and Aliza Cherezli children of Shayish Bida Cattaui nee Israel Calander of Hashkavot Cherezli Margalit, Eli, Uzi, Yossef Cherezli (left to right) David Sitton with wife Bolisa Alghezi (1923)
Diane de Menasce Edouard Israel son of Hayim son of Eliyahou Israel Cherezli, Cheif Rabbi of Cairo Eid Bondi Yomtov Israel and family Eid Bondi Yomtov Israel and Family 
Eli Cherezli Eli Cherezli Eliahou Israel Cherezli Eliahou Israel Cherezli's Offical Seal Elie and Marco Israel sons of Moussa Israel and grandsons of Yom Tov Israel-Cherezli Emile Habib Hassoun
Esther Cherezli Arar Esther Israel-Cherezli (d. Jerusalem,1887) Fortunee Cohen-Levy bat Reina Israel-Cohen with family (sitting) Hadassa Cherezli nee Oplatka married to Issac Cherezli Haim Moshe Israel Cherezli Tomb on Mount Olive Haim Vita Israel b. Joseph (Batti) playing Aoud and singing, with his brother Samuel Israel(Sammy) in the back playing the Kanoon. Helene Israel and Moussa de Botton - Egypt,Wedding photo, late 19th century - Henriette Israel and Isidore Mayer Grunberg, The Marriage Ceremony, 1932 Huguette Israel daughter of Leon Israel Isaac Cherezli B. Mordechai
Isaac Cherezli, his wife Hadassa Oplatka, and daughter Margalit - Tombs Isaac Israel-Cherezli (b. R. Eliahou) and Behora Rahel (b. R. Yehoshua) Zacut - Jerusalem, Friday, 11 Sivan 1846. Ketubba Jacques & Leon Israel Jacques Hassoun, Grandson of Rachel Israel and Yaacoub Hassoun Joseph Cattaui Pasha as a young man Joseph Israel son of Mayer Joseph Israel with his children, Vita being the youngest in the front, and Joseph flanked by his oldest daughter Rachelle, and Sammy Julie Sasson-Burak with husband Moises and son Jonathan in Guatamala Kadouna Cherezli-Sitton - Grandchildren  Victor, Malka & Yehuda Sitton (circa 1939) Kadouna Cherezli-Sitton with Family (circa 1932)
Leon Israel son of Solomon Sleiman Israel Leon Israel, son of Mikhael Israel & grandson of Rabbi Yomtov Israel (Cairo, 1886) Luna Bechora Cherezli Bajaio (center with head cover) and family Luna Bechora Cherezli Bajaio (with head cover), Husband Yehuda (in black) and family Luna Bechora Cherezli, mother Bolisa Bachar and son Shemuel Bajaio (1915-2003) Margalit Cherezli daughter of Isaac Cherezli Marie Cattaui, the mother of 
Rose de Menasce nee Tuby (Standing, in the background) Marrie Cattaui & Felix Massoud Tuby - Ketubbah Maurice Israel Maurice Mikhael Israel Children
Mikhael Israel - Certificate of Italian nationality of Mikhael (b. R. Yomtov) Israel - Cairo, 1886.
Mikhael Israel Ben Eliyahou Tombstone Egypt Moise Cherezli - French Police collected 30FF from Moise upon his arrest Moise Cherezli - French Police returned the 30FF to Moise Moise Cherezli - Personal Data as 
recorded by the French police Moise Cherezli - Personal data sheet in Yad Vashem Moise Cherezli and Claire Crespin Moise Cherezli and Claire Crespoin wedding Moise Cherezli b. Haim Bechor Moise Cherezli Deported from Drancy to Auschwitz
Mordekhai Cherezli Mordekhai Cherezli grave in a burial cave in Safed Moshe Cherezli son of Avraham and grandson of Mercado Israel-Cherezli Moshe Cherezli son of Avraham with family; 
Right to Left: Moshe, his daughters Sara, Yedida, Margalit; and his wife Rachel Agababa Moussa Israel son of R. Yomtov Israel Nazli Israel (nee Pinto) wife of Mikhael Israel Odette Angele Israel, daughter of Maurice Israel Ohel Moshe Neighberhood, election for community Council, 1914 Rabbi Eliyahou Israel-Cherezli Tombstone - Egypt Rabbi YomTov Israel Cherezli - Mountain Olive Tomb
Rachel and Aliza Cherezli daughters of Shayish Raphael Israel (Cairo, 1878 - Ashdod, 1959) Rose de Menasce, nee Tuby, daughter of
Marie Cattaoui, who in turn was the daughter of Bida Israel-Cherezli.  
Shaul Cherezli Shaul Cherezli son of Mordechai Cherezli Shaul Cherezli was a teacher at Talmud-Torah Shaul Cherezli with pupils at the Beth Aharon School in Jerusalem (circa 1940) Shelomo Israel Cherezli aka Sha-Yi-Sh Shelomo Israel Cherezli Dictionary Shelomo Israel Cherezli Family Circa 1928
Shelomo Israel Cherezli memorial Shelomo Israel Cherezli Tomb on Mount Olives Shelomo Israel Cherezli was honored with a street named after him in Ohel Moshe Jerusalem Shelomo Israel Cherezli wedding Hana Muriciano, September 4, 1911, Jerusalem Shemuel Vidal Israel Cherezli (1874-1946) son of Moshe Shelomo (Mercado)- Grave Simcha Cherezli and Avraham Franco Tombstone-of-Bida-Cattaui nee Israel Vida Cherezli b. Yossef, husband Issac Azaria Levi and son Yossef Vida, Zinbul, Leah Cherezli b. Yossef (left to right)& Issac Azaria Levi (above, married to Vida) Wanda Pollak (nee Cattaui)
Yomtov Israel at a young age Yomtov Israel Cherezli Yomtov Israel Cherezli and Sons Yomtov Israel Cherezli Appointment Yomtov Israel Cherezli biography Yomtov Israel Cherezli book about the religious customs in Egypt Yomtov Israel Cherezli Grandchildren Yomtov Israel Cherezli Grave Yomtov Israel Cherezli handwriting Yomtov Israel Cherezli Tomb Reconstructed 2013 - Side

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